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Behavior #1: I Set a Personal Example of What I Expect From Others

Walking the walk (and talking the talk) is incredibly important, especially when it comes to leadership. Actions speak so loudly that often the words you say will barely be heard.

Leadership is in the doing, which is why it is so important to set a personal example of what you expect from others. Be clear in thoughts, words and actions.

Take the character portrayal in the film Braveheart. This historical action-drama tells the story of legendary Scotsman William Wallace (played by Mel Gibson) as he led his nation’s oppressed people against Edward I of England. While there are many scenes that show Wallace giving speeches to his followers that articulate his expectations, the most powerful scenes are those that capture his actions. Wallace shows leadership rather than talking about it— in stark contrast to his adversaries, the English monarchy, who are consistently telling others what to do.

The result, William Wallace is defeated. However, through his actions, he inspired an entire nation of people to rise up against oppression and seek freedom. And for all the world to see, he provided a wonderful example of the greatness that can be achieved when our actions and our words are in alignment.


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