Quick Tips

These small but powerful nuggets of leadership wisdom can be quickly and easily implemented in the workplace.

A Quick & Easy Team Assessment Tool – Green, Yellow, Red

As we prepared for this month’s newsletter, reflecting on all the fun we had cooking together in Ft. Collins, I began thinking about what kinds of meals I like to prepare for my family. The answer most of the time is something quick and easy that allows everyone to play a part.

Using my recipe for cooking the perfect family dinner, I wanted to share a quick tip that is also quick, easy, and allows everyone to play a part.

As leaders, we must regularly take the temperature of our team members. At iLead, we use a tool that allows us to do just that. We call it Green, Yellow, Red.

So, how does it work?

During iLead Team Meetings we all ponder these questions:

  • How am I feeling?
  • Am I stressed, stretched, or in the flow?
  • Is my plate super full or do I have some space to take on a new assignment?

Then we go around the room (or Zoom screen) and share where we are on the Green, Yellow, Red scale.

  • If we are feeling good…in the flow…could take on some additional assignments, we put ourselves in Green.
  • If we are feeling stretched…maybe a little bit too busy…but the workload is still manageable, we put ourselves in Yellow.
  • And if we are feeling stressed…pulling our hair out…can’t get everything on our to-do list accomplished without putting in extra hours, we put ourselves in Red.

We then assess if we need to adjust some responsibilities to ensure no one is too challenged or too bored (like that ever happens!).

Similarly, when new assignments come in, we often “Green, Yellow, Red” to determine who is best positioned to take it on.

When we start to feel overwhelmed, it is much easier to email Tom and say “Hey, I am in Yellow or Red right now, can you please get someone to help with this assignment?”. This allows him to talk with us about all that is going on and see what can be done to relieve some of the stress.

What I love about using Green, Yellow, Red is that it has allowed us to quickly and easily assess how each of us is feeling and quickly make adjustments to try and keep us all in, or close to, the flow (which leads to a healthy and happy team!).

Food for Thought… if you are looking for a new quick and easy way to take the temperature of those on your team give Green, Yellow, Red a try, and let us know how it goes!

This month’s Quick Tip comes to you from Kim Gibbons, Senior Director of Consulting at iLead Consulting & Training. Email Kim and share your experience!