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The Lighter Side of AI

The promise is impressive, post a query and within seconds you have a 500-word newsletter article or blog post using artificial intelligence. But, will it be well written, clean, and maybe even humorous? I thought I would start my experiment with a simple request, 10 humorous quotes from The Leadership Challenge 7th Edition®.

No luck. CHATBOT AI reminded me that The Leadership Challenge (TLC) was a serious work of research on Leadership. Humor, apparently, was not part of the “secret sauce” that makes TLC7 so successful.

A request for five humorous quotes gave me the results I needed. Within seconds I had my quotes with associated page numbers. One or two more queries and I would have the rest of the day to kayak on the lake.


Only two of the quotes were humorous. Apparently, the code needs a little work on the human aspect of “funny.” More importantly, when I researched the first quote it was nonexistent. Not on page 70, nowhere in the 7th Edition. Not in the 6th Edition, and not even in the 5th Edition. When I used the artificial intelligence of Google, it attributed the quote to Adrian Rodgers. “We’ve seen some leaders who could light up a room just by leaving it.” It’s a good quote, just not from TLC 7. In fact, none of the 5 quotes produced were from The Leadership Challenge, 7th Edition despite having associated page numbers listed.

Looking for innovative ways to get our work done is the hallmark of a good leader. There’s nothing wrong with being an early adopter of new technology or being creative in how we use it to accomplish our purpose in life. However, my motto going forward…trust but verify.

So back to the old way of writing: write a draft, edit, and edit some more. An hour on the lake this evening will have to do. Chatbot AI will be a game changer in the future. But it is not something I’m fully ready to trust today.


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