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Barry Posner’s First Final Farewell Tour

When Barry Posner pays you a visit, he either wants to share some of his research, talk about golf or talk about leadership.  Fortunately, he did all three on his recent visit to McKinney, Texas.

Our time with Barry started with an informal dinner at the Urban Grill and Bar in Historic Downtown McKinney for Barry, his wife Jackie and twenty of their closest friends.  No speeches were made.  The focus was really on drinking wine, eating good food and reconnecting with those in our community whom we just have not seen in a while. The iLead Consulting and Training team was fully present so that they could host leaders from as far away as North Dakota (Dr. Jeanie McHugo), and Trinidad (Dr. Joseph Jacob).

Barry joined the group on Monday morning for a session he called “Unplugged.” He invited those in the room to share their Leadership Challenge journeys.  He was curious to know what drew them to the work and what the challenges of facilitating and coaching the work were for each participant.  Folks in attendance were happy not only to share their stories, but also to learn how Jim and Barry have navigated a 40-year professional partnership.  Barry’s unique sense of humor and his desire to meet and learn from those who are dedicated to the craft of facilitating impressed us all.

Here are a few snapshots from that session showing the fun and the commitment which the group had together:

We sent Barry and Jackie on their way back to California not only with new memories of McKinney Texas, but also with the invitation to come back any time – with hopes that next time Barry will bring his golf clubs!


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