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News Flash – It’s Been a Busy Summer for iLead

News Flash!!! 

The residents of McKinney, Texas have not all burned up from excessive heat. The evening news got that wrong. Yes, we lost a small bunny to spontaneous combustion, but thankfully no children or adults. . . . R.I.P. Thumper.

In this month’s issue, we have some amazingly cool updates to report:

  • We started the month with a visit by Barry Posner. Barry wanted to hang out with recent CMs and CMITs for his First Final Farewell Tour.  We had an amazing dinner and had the opportunity to hear from Barry “unplugged.” Check out the photos and the article here.
  • We have two new Certified Masters to Announce – The “Amazing” Helen Doefler, and the “Multi-Talented” Tom Lynch – Read More
  • CMIT Candidate Felix Yerace and his High School Students demonstrated true leadership with an astonishing youth-led fundraiser in a Pittsburgh High School – Read More

Interested in the Leadership Challenge Open Enrollment Workshops coming up in Austin in September and McKinney in December? – Sign Up Here

Our team has recently been “nicely busy” with projects in California, Missouri, Florida, Texas, and Colorado. We remain grateful for those who partner with us to bring the life-changing lessons of The Leadership Challenge to their leaders through workshops and coaching.

Let us know how you are and how we can help!



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