About Us

The iLead Team understands that to complete our mission to develop stronger leaders, better teams, and healthier organizations, we must form a trusting partnership with others.


Amplifying the Greatness of Others

Let’s dream of building an organization of energetic, skillful, and delightful Leadership Challenge® enthusiasts who want to join us in amplifying the greatness of others through the life-changing message of the Leadership Challenge.

Like a team of parachutists who jump out of an airplane together, let’s envision that we will jump together, with our arms linked, with our parachutes still intact as we leap together into an unknown and turbulent world.

Team of Parachutists

Let’s thrill to the unknown adventure of jumping together – without a net, as we work together to find like-minded souls…

  • whose hearts are filled by their love of teaching, coaching, and mentoring,
  • whose cups are filled when leaders and teams get better and better,
  • whose lives are enriched by enriching others, putting others ahead of self,
  • who are brave enough to be vulnerable and tough enough to endure hard times,
  • who have a demonstrated track record of success earned through years of hard work and trusting relationships.
  • Let’s work together to build a string of success stories with people whom we have gently pushed out of the plane toward better tomorrows through expert consulting and coaching.

When you are ready to “take the leap,” come and join me. We can look forward to those moments back on the ground, after our exhilarating jumps, to share a drink and laugh together about the great work we did – “amplifying the greatness of others!”

Together we can Grow

Leadership Development That Endures