iLead Consulting is an authorized provider of the Leadership Challenge Facilitator Certification and the Certified Master in Training Program.

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Certified Facilitator

The Leadership Challenge® Facilitator Training program is an extensive, one- to two-year educational experience that builds mastery in both content knowledge—of The Leadership Challenge® Workshop, the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI®), The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership® model—and workshop facilitation and delivery skills. As a qualified applicant accepted into this Level II certification program, you will work in partnership with our authorized Global Training Partners, Certified Masters, and other members of The Leadership Challenge® community to deepen your understanding and fully integrate all components of The Five Practices framework, including LPI feedback, analysis, and coaching.

Jacqueline Brassfield

Jacqueline Brassfield facilitating her teach-back session at The Advanced Facilitator Capstone Event in Fort Collins, Colorado

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How to draw from your own experience to personalize and make the course content more compelling and engaging for workshop participants
  • The intricacies and deep research behind The Five Practices of Exemplary Leaders® model so that you can effectively communicate its application and relevance to the roles participants play in their organizations and the challenges they face
  • A deeper understanding of the workshop objectives, design, concepts, and learning methodology
  • How to use visual aids effectively to support various learning styles of participants
  • How to effectively coach leaders in assessing their LPI feedback and in making plans for future learning and development
  • How to Model the Way as a champion of The Leadership Challenge, both with workshop participants and in the greater community of leadership development professionals
  • A deeper understanding and integration of The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership
  • Increased competence as an engaging program facilitator
  • Enhanced coaching skills in working with leaders to analyze, interpret, and make the most of their Leadership Practices Inventory feedback
  • Professional skills to help advance your consulting and coaching practice, and increase the effectiveness of your work developing, nurturing, and empowering others to reach for their personal leadership best
  • Certified Facilitator Certification, which authorizes you to conduct The Leadership Challenge Workshop
  • Eligibility to apply to become a Leadership Challenge Certified Master

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Always Growing

Certified Master

A Certified Master works with a primary and secondary mentor as well as others in the TLC Community to receive their designation, over time, through demonstrating mastery in a wide range of leadership development experiences. To become a Certified Master, an applicant demonstrates commitment and mastery in various areas of The Leadership Challenge.

Prerequisite Qualifications

  • Certification as a Certified Facilitator of The Leadership Challenge®
  • Has met the areas of expertise prerequisite
  • Has identified both primary and secondary mentors who are Certified Masters of The Leadership Challenge

Why Become a Certified Master?

  • You want to further your knowledge and deepen your practice in all aspects of The Leadership Challenge
  • You desire the opportunity to better coach and empower the leaders of today and tomorrow
  • You receive membership to a global community of experienced, esteemed, and like-minded leadership experts and a greater opportunity to further the work of The Leadership Challenge

Get in touch with Tom or a member of the iLead team to discuss your interest further.

iLead-Certified Master-Connie-Small

Connie Stephens achieves Certified Master status.

Candi Harris achieves Certified Master status.

“Thanks for your feedback, recognition and support. You have helped me tremendously to grow as a facilitator and as a coach. Thanks so much for coming to China to share The Leadership Challenge. What a great experience it has been for me!”


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