The iLead Consulting team provides long-term leadership mentoring to participants of The Leadership Challenge Certified Master in Training program.

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Leadership Challenge Mentoring

Tom Pearce has mentored Leadership Challenge® enthusiasts around the world toward their Certified Facilitator and Certified Master status.

He is known within The Leadership Challenge community as a mentor who is demanding, yet fair – someone who will tell the kind truth when needed.

Once you have had the opportunity to experience The Leadership Challenge® Workshop and the Leadership Practices Inventory®, you know the positive change that these experiences can have for leaders at every level. iLead can help you become an expert change agent in The Leadership Challenge®; talk to us about becoming a Certified Master. There are less than 100 Certified Masters in the world!

This intensive Certified-Master-in-Training (CMIT) mentoring process takes place over a time span of 18 months to 2 years. This journey is filled with learning, relationship building, and lots of fun! We will pair you with other leaders in The Leadership Challenge Community, match you up with a primary and secondary mentor, and introduce you to the leaders at The Leadership Challenge®, A Wiley Brand.

If you are interested, schedule a time to talk with our Founder, Tom Pearce. He has earned the honor of mentoring more CMITs than anyone in the community.

iLead Consulting Leadership Challenge Certificates

Since starting iLead Consulting & Training, Tom has mentored more than two dozen individuals through his Ten-Step process to reach the status of Certified Master of the Leadership Challenge.

10 Certified Masters-Awarded in 2022

The Leadership Challenge Advance Facilitators
and Certified Masters in Training

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“Tom Pearce was a terrific mentor to me. He showed me how to skillfully facilitate the Leadership Challenge within a variety of organizations. He is an expert mentor and friend.”

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The Leadership Challenge

iLead programs are grounded in the award-winning, best-selling book, The Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner. This research-driven leadership development model illustrates how everyday leaders mobilize others to want to get extraordinary things done.

The Leadership Challenge