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Tom Pearce

President and Chief encouragement Officer

Tom is on a mission to develop stronger leaders, better teams, and healthier organizations. As a Leadership Challenge® Certified Master, Tom has developed a reputation for being an expert facilitator, coach, and mentor. Over the past two years, he has facilitated more than 25 Leadership Challenge® Workshops for over 750 leaders. As an LPI® Certified Coach, he has also coached over 300 leaders around the world upon completion of the Leadership Practices Inventory® (LPI) 360-degree assessment.

“You are our role model when it comes to mentoring. I wish we could clone you! Your contributions to our collective capacity to develop leaders are extraordinary, and we are extremely grateful. You say that you are blessed, and I would add to that that WE are blessed that you are so actively engaged in mentoring so many amazing people.”

—Jim Kouzes



Tom’s Values


• Family

• Kind Truth

• Encouragement

• Humor

• Hard Work