Tom’s Values & What They Mean to Him:

  • The Leadership Challenge is a values-based program that teaches the importance of being clear with yourself and others about what drives you.

  • During the Leadership Challenge Workshop, we ask participants to specifically identify and define their top five values. Here are my values and my definitions.

Family As the son of two teachers, I learned early in life the value of basic skills like reading, writing and arithmetic. As the father of two children, Emily and Preston, I have learned what it is like to be a role model for others. As a husband to my patient wife Missie, I understand how to be grateful for the gifts of friendship, loyalty and love.

Kind Truth Part of what I try to do in work and with my family and friends is to share the kind truth, as I know it. I feel I owe it to those whom I coach and train to share with them what I see with “the bark on” in the kindest way possible.

Encouragement Encouragement is the juice of life. I agree with Mark Twain’s quote, “I can live for 30 days on a good compliment.” I try to be intentional about encouraging others.

Humor A friend from high school paid me the best compliment when he told me that I was the source of most of his fond memories from High School. Keeping things light and looking for the joy along the way makes life rich.

Hard Work As a ninth-grade basketball player, I won the award for being the hardest worker - for never leaving practice with a dry T-shirt. I think that value of working hard for what you want was learned early and stays with me today.